Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Wall Decoration Idea Of Used Goods

Usually people will throw away used goods because it useful again. But you need to know if the junk in your home still can be used. You can use it as wall hangings.

This is a new innovation that may rarely people do. Secondhand goods if arranged neatly it will generate the value of art. As we know, a wall ornament has a high price. If you are able to utilize existing thrift tentuntidak biayayang then be issued. Here are some ideas wall decorations from recycled materials.

1. Interest of paper toiet. Toilet paper that accumulate can be used as wall hangings. How to modify is made like a flower. You just have to cut the edge of the paper toilrt 3-4 centimeters. Paint the toilet paper and tighten to form a flower.

2. Frames of old cloth. Every person must have a cloth that has been unused. You can use it into the frame. Choose a fabric that having an attractive color so that the resulting maximum frame.

3. Camera jadul for wall decoration. For those of you who have a hobby of photography can take advantage of the camera that has been used as wall hangings. If the size is rather large camera then you can put it in your living room or your room. Sepaya more interesting, you can add some photos as well as the frame work of your old school camera.

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